Dance films collection: Kinetic novellas

In this collection of six dance films the narrative lines play between the allegory, the social commentary and the abstraction of our own reality.

The esthetic approach and style of each film is elegantly related and encapsulated as a unique and wholesome cinematic experience. The space provided by the makers of each film gives the audience the opportunity to participate by having the arena to interpret and explore their own involvement, in the case of “Fibonacci” (CZ, Tomáš Hubáček & Marie Gourdain) where a pictorial landscape fuses its pristine and idyllic traits with the energetic impetus of a group that floats and travels through it, under the watch of a piercing pair of eyes.

The invitation to reflect on our present times, where technology is a part of our everyday commutes, is neatly crafted with graceful visuals and varied movements in “Divided we scroll” (UK, Klaas Diersmann & Pepe Ubera) and the growing pains that each stage of our life present are playfully portrayed with a retro videogame aura in “Call of pink” (RU, Denisa Anastasiu, Catalin Rugina & Maria-Luiza Dimulescu).

The freedom that the film language gives lets us wonder into hypnotic spaces, like the ones freshly offered on “Va!” (IT, Vittorio Campanella & Emanuele Piras) where an everyday activity can become a joyful experience, taking us through the heart of a small town or on “Simulacra” (USA, Curry Sicong Tian, Cailyn Rice, Taylor Unwin, Bella Allen & Elise Monson) where bewildering CGI visuals are part of the choreography itself, surrounding the viewer with textures, colors and otherworldly shapes.

The inquiry into the relationship between the city, empty spaces and the body is unfettered, meticulous and thoughtfully shot in “Delimitation” (CZ, Tereza Vejvodová & Markéta Jandová), where a young woman is looking for a new apartment and the close interactions that come or precede that.

The carefully selected collection of short dance films brings forth an opportunity, to take a closer gaze and witness the encounter between dance practice, choreographic work and film language. The alliance of picture, sound and movement, portray the human body as a carrier of expression and ultimately, of emotion.

Israel Bañuelos

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