Late Night Love: an exploration of “it”

It is everywhere. It has the ability to create life and, if proceeded with unwisely, can make one feel like it is able to end life as well.

It can be humorous, liberating, painful, confusing, euphoric. It’s difficult to speak of it and not be trite, yet it still has so many hidden depths to uncover. All these films deal with it. And if you haven’t guessed by now, by it I mean sex. This year in our Late Night Love screening we get to see many stories surrounding this act.

For example, a deep dive into a strange human custom – the act of sending dick pics. Or a meditative and visually striking piece about the unusual significance of what’s between our legs. Also a story of a woman’s passive curiosity in the intimate acts she may be missing out on. Among many others. Join us, and liberate yourself!

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