Brexit: Keeping Calm and Carrying On

These powerful and insightful films are fueled by the uncertainty of the future and disillusionment with the government in a post-Brexit UK.

What do we do with a country that doesn’t seem to have our best interests in mind? We could join activist groups, donate to charity, serve our communities, and so on. But another action one could take is to make a film; one that would spread awareness, expose hidden truths, or provide a light in the dark. 

Many of the films in this program are humorous – satirical looks at a broken system, or an imagined, broken future. In “Capital”, a film by Freddy Syborn, a group of young, inexperienced civil servants meet to discuss their roles in the brand new department of capital punishment. And in Alex Helfrecht and Jörg Tittel’s film “Nyet!” some smugglers are detained at the UK border for carrying dangerous imported goods. Then we have “This is the Winter” by Peter King. The film takes a more serious approach, and serves as a cautionary tale. 

Brexit is a serious issue that has many real-world implications, but these films deal with it very well. They contain a lot of insight into the intricacies of this shaky and unpredictable time


“Brexit: Keeping Calm and Carrying On” will be screened on 19:15 Friday, November 22 in Kino Artis.



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