Exploring Dance Film: The Possibilities of the Body

“Exploring Dance Film” includes immersive, unique experiences showing the language we can speak with our bodies.

In the synopsis for Sofia Castro’s film “Maids” it is written that the body of the main character “struggles to expose all that is incorporeal”. This struggle is seen through her unusual, almost theatrical dance movements. She captures the feelings and actions found in a radio drama she listens to while she cleans.

Like “Maids”, many of the films in this screening raise the question: “Is there a limit to what we can express with our bodies?”

If limits are found, they are pushed further. In Baye and Asa’s film “Second Seed” racial discrimination and white victimhood are addressed through dance. “Oh Boy”, a film by Hadi Moussally, depicts a feeling of isolation.

“The Golden Age” by Eric Minh Chong Castaing, shows us dance workshops for children with motor disabilities. Through this we see the importance of dance – how it is a way one can connect with their body and the people around them.

These films evoke different feelings and stories in powerful, nonverbal ways.

“Exploring Dance Films” Trailer:



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