For those who don't bike or use public transportation, EuroPark will provide special parking lots with special prices for PÖFF visitors. Choose the nearest parking space and enjoy your cinema experience!

NB! Standard prices apply on all other EuroPark parking lots.


Discount price

using the zone POFF for every started 30 min 0,70 €


Ahtri 3
Estonia pst 17
Toompea 3
Rävala pst 11
Tartu mnt 1

How to Park

send an SMS to 1902
write: car number POFF (for example 111ABC POFF)
wait for the notification about he start of parking
limit for parking is 4 hours, after which it will stop automatically 
to finish parking call 1903 
to extend parking call 1901


Parking Houses

Discount Price

every started 30 min 1 € and every 3rd hour free


Solaris Keskus parking house
Rotermann parking house
Rävala parking house

How to park

park the car and take the ticket to the screening
validate the parking ticket at the PÖFF info centre or in the ticket validator of the cinema
pay for parking in the payment machine


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