Queer Lovebirds: Specific, yet universal

These are stories about the elements of love specific to the queer experience, but the depth of feeling found in each can be universally understood.

In The Distance Between Us and the Sky, a film by Vasilis Kekatos, we witness a first meeting;  one full of intrigue, longing, and connection. In Luca Toth’s visually stunning animation Mr. Mare, we see an allegorical tale of dependency, in which one body grows out of another. Darling, a film by Saim Sadiq, tells us the story of a trans woman who has to betray her identity in order to follow her desire to be onstage – while her boyfriend stands by her with wavering support.

The six films in this programme are about all stages of and sides to love, from the feeling of possibility found in meeting someone new to the despair a failed relationship can leave in its wake. The films shed some light on what it means to be queer, and, on another level, what it means to be connected with another person. 

Queer I: Lovebirds screens on Saturday, November 23 at 17:00 in Kino Artis.


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