Tickets and passes

PÖFF Shorts single tickets will go on sale early November.

Real film connoisseurs are welcome to purchase the PÖFF Shorts festival pass which is best suited for people interested in our short film and animation competition programmes representing all the local and international film industry trends.

Tickets can be purchased online and at all Piletilevi ticket counters across Estonia.
During the festival, tickets are sold at PÖFF Info and Ticket Centres at Solaris Centre, Coca-Cola Plaza and Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn, and at Tartu Kaubamaja as well as at all the screening venues.

Shorts tickets

19 - 27 NOVEMBER

ticket 6.00 €
discount ticket 4.50 €
double chairs 6.00 € *

* Double chairs available in Apollo Cinema in Solaris. Double chairs not available with festival passes.

Shorts Pass

19 NOV - 1 DEC

Personalised card
Pre-sale tickets available
Entry to all PÖFF Shorts screenings



  • NB! Discount tickets are available for pre-schoolers, students and pensioners with a valid ID that will be checked upon entry.

  • The organisers reserve the right to make changes in the film and event schedule.


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