Welcome to the stage: PÖFF Shorts wolf of 2019

From 2018, PÖFF Shorts gives its wolf to lesser and well-known artists as a canvas to create a real dream. In 2019, the festival identity was authored by Estonian artist Helmi Arrak. We asked her what inspired her.

Not all wolves are grey at Black Nights. Author: Helmi Arrak.

What’s the story behind this year’s PÖFF Shorts visual?

I wanted to give the PÖFF Shorts wolf a royal yet surreal face. Intuition lead me to Ernst Haeckel’s fantastic and organic illustrations which fit the wolf’s multifaceted visage. In the undercurrents I was inspired by the otherworldly face jewellery of James Merry.

What’s the longest film you’ve seen?

Stanley Kubrick’s “Barry Lyndon”. From Wikipedia it seems that next to the longest films ever made it is rather very short.

Do you have a favourite short film or animation?

I really appreciate the works of young Estonian animators Sander Joon and Roland Seer. From foreign filmmakers there is a cool newcomer Alice Bloomfield, who is also a wonderful illustrator.

What are you expecting from this year’s festival?

Years ago at the Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) when I was working at Kino Sõprus, my favourite side programme in the Animated Dreams (the international animation festival at PÖFF prior to PÖFF Shorts – Ed.) was “Love, Sex and Desire”. This year I’m really looking forward to the queer programme.

Helmi Arrak is a multidisciplinary artist who works with illustration, design and fine arts.
You can follow her work on her website, Instagram or write her a letter at helmifrida@gmail.com.


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