Shorts @ PÖFF 2021
PÖFF Shorts full programme announced

The short film and animation festival set to take place from November 16 to 24 will screen 16 cassettes with 250 films.


Inspired by the Black Nights Film Festival's (PÖFF) focus and what we believe is important to highlight, the Panorama tackles a broad selection of topics and filmmakers to challenge and inspire our viewers. This year's programme includes

Love and techno in the French short "Dustin" (dir. Naïla Guiguet, 2020), from EFA Shorts on Tour.


Alternatives is a bold exploration of how far, low, deep and mad we can get. The playground includes

Kajika Aki Ferrazzini's "Mom" (France, 2021) in "Midnight Madness is a love letter to memories.


Our documentary shorts programme is a wonderful opportunity to step into the shoes of your neighbours without having to stay there for too long.

"In Flow of Words" (2021) by Eliane Esther Bots follows the narratives of three interpreters of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.