PÖFF Shorts now an Academy Award Qualifying Festival

Films winning a qualifying award at PÖFF Shorts will be eligible to submit their films for consideration for both the Live Action and Animation Short Awards at the Academy Awards.

PÖFF Shorts Winners 2019

The winners were announced at the PÖFF Shorts Award Ceremony performance at Club Hollywood on November 23rd.

Brexit: Keeping Calm and Carrying On

These powerful and insightful films are fueled by the uncertainty of the future and disillusionment with the government in a post-Brexit UK.

Late Night Love: An Exploration of "it"

It is everywhere. It has the ability to create life and, if proceeded with unwisely, can make one feel like it is able to end life as well. It can be humorous, liberating, painful, confusing, euphoric...

Welcome to the stage: PÖFF Shorts wolf of 2019

From 2018, PÖFF Shorts gives its wolf to lesser and well-known artists as a canvas to create a real dream. In 2019, the festival identity was authored by Estonian artist Helmi Arrak.


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