Shorts @ PÖFF 2020
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Wild West Compressed into a Short

Wild West Compressed is a fun and playful animation in which the wide open vistas of the Western are constrained by the modern preoccupation of seeing everything on your phone. Will the Wild West ever see widescreen again in a film that is not only a slice of bright and breezy animation but also a sly lament for the loss of the big screen.

PÖFF Shorts announces 2020 winners

International short film and animation festival PÖFF Shorts has announced the winners for its 2020 edition.

Confronting Travel and Climate Change Through Apocalypse Airlines

A bright and breezy ad for an airline. In the current lockdown, this is just what we want isn’t it? But as we look below the surface we are faced with the environmental consequences of our actions. The glossy and glamorous world of the music video and commercial clash with the all too real dangerous effects of air travel.

Changes of Gravity in Gravedad

Animated shorts Gravedad confidently walks the line between tender and intimate and bold and provocative as director Matisse Gonzalez Jordán explores a world in which changes in gravity make our protagonist have to shift her life between light and heavy. A clever evocation of emotional turmoil, the film has proved to be a popular one – including screening in last year’s New Talents Animation Competition at PÖFF Shorts.

Dance films collection: Kinetic novellas

In this collection of six dance films the narrative lines play between the allegory, the social commentary and the abstraction of our own reality.