Shorts @ PÖFF 2021
Shorts recommends: A vegan oasis

PÖFF Shorts continues to work with restaurants working for a better and tastier environment.

This year, the festival's partner in catering is restaurant Oasis.

Oasis is offering exceptional experiences at every level, as they create a green, lively and refreshing oasis at the restaurant, where you can easily shift into vacation mode while enjoying delicious and healthy food prepared with lots of love and awareness. Behind the Oasis is Toomas Laigu, who has a big drive to change the world for the better with his actions. He is in his work and hobbies fully present with complete love and passion, inspiring others to give their maximum.

Estonian choir conductor Hirvo Surva has said: "Oasis is a place which stands out by its aura – you can feel the soul of the people who have contributed here. The entire atmosphere of Oasis radiates simplicity, human kindness and sincerity, which can be both sensed and tasted."

For Black Nights Film Festival guests there is a 10% discount on the menu with a Festival badge or with the same day ticket. Bon appetit!

Rotermanni 14
+372 5590 0522